Mr. Michael Murdock

Research Engineer III, Rotorcraft Systems Engineering & Simulation Center (RSESC)


Mr. Murdock has been employed over 30 years by technical, energy-related, and military-related companies, including some Fortune 500 organizations, in efforts to design, manufacture, and deploy new and improved technologies. Mr. Murdock has excellent computer-based design and implementation skills and has worked on a wide variety of products and processes. He has been involved in all phases of product and process development, from initial design through planning, development, testing, and deployment.


  • Pro Engineer / CREO
  • Cable Routing within Pro Engineer / CREO
  • Unigraphics
  • Catia
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD
  • Geometric Tolerance and Dimensioning ANSI Y14.5 1994
  • Tolerance stack-up analysis
  • Webpage layout and design
  • Computer renderings and animation