Mr. Jim Seaquist

Research Scientist III, Rotorcraft Systems Engineering & Simulation Center (RSESC)


Jim Seaquist is a Research Scientist II in the Rotorcraft Systems Engineering Center (RSESC) at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. He is responsible for assisting with design, fabrication, integration and documentation of flight and ground hardware for various projects at the RSESC. His seventeen years of experience covers projects for NASA, the Army and commercial customers.

Two of the NASA projects were DOME (Space Station based experiment) and DSTB (high altitude balloon platform). Specific responsibilities for DOME: proof of concept testing, COTS product research and selection for the system, wiring layout and schematics, physical layout of major components, system modifications due to changed requirements, maintenance of verification required paperwork, and machine shop coordination. Specific responsibilities for DSTB: electrical layout and schematics for the computer system, testing and evaluation of COTS solar panels, overall system schematics and block diagrams, mechanical fit checks, and extensive field support during the test flight. The ARMY projects include Army Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU) and the Apache Block 3 National Airspace Trainer (AB3NAT). The AGPU projects include market surveys, health monitoring, mobility, exhaust redesign, hydraulic module redesign, hydraulic pump replacement and electrical upgrades. The AB3NAT project successfully tested a prototype system that provides the Army with the option of training rotorcraft aircrews on UAVs in national airspace.

Jim is also responsible guiding and training students that work at the RSESC. He trains students in cable fabrication and printed circuit board component soldering.