The thermal shock chamber has the capability of taking a system component and subjecting the part to a rapid thermal shock load. It uses a basket as an elevator that moves a part from one zone to another hot/cold - cold/hot in under 11(s). This can be an important tool when investigating the effects of thermal cycling on system components that encounter various thermal gradients during operation.

In electronics this thermal cycling can prove useful in finding components that have solder stress fractures or problems with the components themselves breaking under the temperature cycling.


System Specifications
Manufacturer ESPEC
Type / Model TSD-100
Interior Volume 3.5 cubic feet / 100 liters
Interior Dimensions 28"x 16"x 13.5" (W x D x H)
Temperature Range -65℃ to 200℃ (-94℉ to 392℉)
Transfer Rate <11 seconds between zones
Cooling Method Air cooled

Download a copy of the system specifications:

Specifications for the Thermal shock chamber