Hanse HALT Chamber

The HALT “Highly Accelerated Life Testing” chamber is used to test the robustness of system components. The chamber allows test specimens to be subjected to vibration in 6 degrees of freedom and up to 100g(rms) (root mean square).

The system can simultaneously be subjected to thermal shock and vibration. When you want to determine the capability of systems components to withstand harsh conditions the HALT chamber will meet your needs.

The HALT chamber has been applied to test electronics, but is able to subject system components to levels of vibration and thermal loading with chamber adaptations.

Using the HALT capability many engineers and scientist believe that in as little as 24 hours you can stress the object being tested to the extremes that it will see in the life of the object.

To view specifications, click the image to the right or get the pdf below.

Specifications for the HALT Chamber