Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber Ascot model CC1000xp
Ascott Cyclic Corrosion
Test Chamber

The reliability and failure analysis lab (RFAL) is equipped to perform salt spray and salt exposure experiments to characterize the failure modes resulting from salt-based corrosion on materials and fastening & joining hardware.

The Cyclic Corrosion chamber has the capability of applying a corrosive spray, mist, or fog to a material with adjustable mixtures. This chamber can simulate and accelerate natural corrosive agent's effects on materials. 

Corrosion testing is vital for components that will be subjected to harsh abrasive/salty environments. The key advantage of the chamber is accelerating the corrosive effects on a material to shorten test time. 

Flow rate of the corrosive agent can be adjusted to meet specific test standards or RFAL has the capability of implementing a custom test. 

Upon the completion of the test RFAL has the microscopic capability to examine the effects that the corrosion test had on the object.

To view specifications, click the image to the right or get the pdf below.

Specifications for the Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber specifications pdf