What is the Proxy Access System?

The UAH Proxy Access System allows a student to authorize a person to view certain pages that contain information specific to his/her academic records at UAH. 

How does the Proxy Access System work?

UAH students can grant proxy access to anyone with a valid email address. This can include parents, guardians, employers, or anyone that the student wishes to grant access. The student has complete control over who has access, and what information they are able to view. The student can also update and delete access at any time. Students can have multiple people designated as a proxy, and each person can have varying access. 

Student Setup Instructions

Proxy User Setup Instructions

Proxy Access System Login

Does the Proxy Access System replace FERPA? 

No. Having access to the Proxy Access System does not allow the individual to discuss student educational records with university staff. The Proxy Access System is a relationship strictly between the student and those they designate as proxy users. 

FAQ For Proxy Users 

How do I reset my password?

There are two ways to reset your Proxy Access System password.

  1. Proxy User: Go to the Proxy Access System Login page. Enter your email address (username) and click on Forgot Password. Follow the steps to reset your Password.
  2. Your student can also reset your password. Students can log into myUAH, click on Create Proxy Access (on Student Services card). Choose the proxy by clicking the edit pencil under the proxy's name and selecting Reset Password. You will receive an email detailing the steps to reset your password.
How long does my access last?

By default, proxy access is granted for 1 year (365 days). However, students have complete control over the window during which you have access and can change those dates at any time. 

Where did my access go?

If you log into the Proxy Access System and no longer see a tab with the student's name on it, the student has revoked your access. Any questions about losing your access should be directed to the student. UAH faculty and staff will not discuss when or if a student has revoked your access. 

Does Proxy Access extend authorization to discuss a student's record with UAH faculty, staff, or advisors?

No. The Proxy Access System does not replace FERPA. 

FAQ For Students 

What is the Communications tab?

Located in the Proxy Access System you will see a Communications tab next to the History tab. This tab lists all communications sent to this proxy user (newest to oldest). You can resend any communications to your proxy user by clicking the envelope icon in the resend column for that particular communication. 

What is the History tab?

Located in the Proxy Access System you will see a History tab next to the Authorization tab. This tab lists the history of all authorizations you have made for this proxy user, as well as all times that user has accessed your information.