The Listener's License at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) is a program where participants are able to attend UAH classes, without regard to university admittance status. Listeners are not required to take tests or satisfy attendance requirements and no credit is awarded. The program is intended to provide personal enrichment opportunities for members of the local community. The Listener's License is issued with the understanding it is valid on a "space available" basis.

Participants pay established course fee(s), purchase a campus parking decal, and receive library privileges for the term. Listener License students are not eligible for student services such as Student Clinic, Tutoring, or Counseling. Only select courses are available through the Listener's License program, and courses taken through the Listener's License program may not be petitioned for credit by examination. The Listener's License program is non-refundableCurrently enrolled, or admitted students are not eligible for the Listener's License program (this includes students in a degree-seeking program). 


Listener's License Fees

Course Fees

Each course is $150. 

Parking Fees

Parking Permit Fee Structure:
Entering Fall: $140
Entering Spring: $95
Entering Summer: $50
Parking permit expire at end of summer term. If you purchase a permit in the Fall, you do not need to purchase another during the Spring or Summer term (during same academic year). 

Listener's License Registration Dates


Spring 2024 Summer 2024 Fall 2024
January 5 - 16 May 24 - June 4 August 19 - 28



Available & Approved Courses

Listener's License Students can apply to sit in on most lecture-based courses on campus as long as there is available space. Courses offered through Professional Studies, Health & Physical Education (HPE), College of Education Teaching courses, Online courses, courses that require lab space, or laboratory/studio courses are not eligible for the Listener's License program. No academic or Continuing Education Units (CEU) of credit is awarded, and a course taken as a Listener's License Program participant may not be petitioned for credit by examination. Listeners do not take tests and are not required to satisfy attendance requirements. Students currently enrolled at UAH or students under disciplinary or academic suspension from any college or university are ineligible to register as Listeners.

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