A graduate of The University of Alabama in Huntsville may purchase a duplicate diploma (to replace one that has been lost or destroyed) or for their home and/or office. 

If a diploma is returned to the UAH Registrar’s Office as undeliverable they will be notified through their UAH email address. The diploma will be held for one calendar year after the graduation date. After a year, the diploma will be shredded and the student will need to fill out a Duplicate Diploma Form to request a diploma.

The duplicate will list the date the degree was originally awarded as well as the date on which it was reissued.

The signatures of University officials may not be the same as those on the original diploma since the signatures of former officials are not maintained on file. Therefore, duplicate diplomas will be reissued in the current format and will bear the signatures of current University officials. There are no exceptions possible to this.

Duplicate diplomas are ordered on the 15th of each month, and will be mailed within 3-5 weeks. The diploma might be delayed if an archival search is required to authenticate information or the request for the replacement cannot be fulfilled due to dates on which the degree/major were approved.

Name Changes on the Diploma

Educational records are maintained, per University policy, under the student's full, legal name. In the case of international students the name maintained on educational records will be the same as the one that appears on their passport and U.S. immigration documentation.

Name changes resulting from legal changes in name can be requested on a duplicate diploma. Evidence of the legal change will be required.

Duplicate Diploma Request

To request a duplicate diploma a student must fill out the appropriate form. The cost is $40 for each diploma. Please fill all the required information on the form and ensure that a day time phone number and email address are included in case we need to get in touch with you. Your duplicate diplomas will be mailed via the United States Postal Service, usually within three weeks of receipt of the request.

Duplicate Diploma form