UAH Honor Cords

University Honors

UAH Honor Cords, for those undergraduates who are eligible, have been purchased by the University and will be available at the Von Braun Center during the robing process. Graduation honors are not bestowed upon students receiving Masters or Doctoral degrees; therefore graduate degree recipients do not receive or wear honor cords.

Notice: Honors indicated in the program are based on grades for semesters completed prior to the last semester. Actual honors for all completed work will be subsequently calculated and will appear on the official transcript and diploma.


Graduation with honors at the baccalaureate level requires a minimum of 60 semester hours at UAH. Honors will be determined by the grade-point average for the last 60 semester hours of coursework taken at UAH or the overall GPA for all coursework taken at UAH, whichever is higher. The academic terms containing the last 60 hours of coursework taken at UAH will be identified, and the GPA of all UAH courses taken during those terms to satisfy graduation requirements will be computed and the honors will be determined as follows:

  • If the GPA computed as above is 3.90 or above, the student graduates summa cum laude. 
  • If the GPA computed as above is 3.70 or above (but below 3.90), the student graduates magna cum laude. 
  • If the GPA computed as above is 3.40 or above (but below 3.70), the student graduates cum laude.

Approved Academic Honor Societies 

Students graduating with university–wide and academic honors who are members of the following organizations may wear the cords, ribbons, collars, jewelry, etc., described below on their robes at Commencement. Please contact the sponsoring organization for information on how to obtain your cords, ribbons, collars, jewelry, etc. 

University Honors (Undergraduate Only)

Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude

Gold Cords
(will be distributed at the ceremony)

Janet Waller

University Honor Societies

Alpha Epsilon Delta

Purple and pink cords 



Alpha Lambda Delta

Gold, red and white cords, medallions, and/or stoles

Click here


Omicron Delta Kappa

White, black and blue twisted cords

Rita Ferguson


Phi Kappa Phi

Blue and gold cords with fringed tassels

John Saunders


Nat'l Society of Leadership & Success (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Platinum and black cords



Delta Epsilon Iota

Blue and gold cords with tassels

Candace Phillips

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology)  Teal cord Bob Thomson
  Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre)  Light blue and gold intertwined cords David Harwell
  Kappa Pi (Art)  Purple and gold cords Jill Johnson
  Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Arts)
(Undergraduate and Graduate)
Red and silver cords Xiaoti Fan
  Phi Alpha Theta (History)  Madonna red and blue with multi-colored tassel at each end Dylan Baun
  Phi Sigma Iota (Foreign Languages)  Purple and white cords Linda Maier 
  Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)
(Undergraduate and Graduate) 
Medallions red ribbons Anne M. Choup
  Phi Sigma Tau (Philosophy) White and purple cords Deb Heikes
  Psi Chi (Psychology) 
(Undergraduate and Graduate)
Silver and blue cords Eric Seemann
  Sigma Tau Delta (English) 
(Undergraduate and Graduate)
Red and black braided cords, 2"medallion attached to red ribbon Joe Conway

College of Business

Beta Alpha Psi (Accounting/Finance)
(Undergraduate and Graduate)

Red and black cords, pins

Toby Mendelson


Beta Gamma Sigma (Business)
(Undergraduate and Graduate)

Blue and gold cords with tassels, medallions, and or stoles

Chris Allport

  Society for Human Resource Management Navy blue, light blue, and white cords  
  DECA Blue and white cords Liwu Hsu
College of Education Kappa Delta Pi
(Undergraduate and Graduate)
Purple and kelly green cords Fran Hamilton

College of Engineering

Alpha Pi Mu (Industrial & Systems Engineering) 

White satin and gold stole

Howard Chen


Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering) 

Gold braided cord with royal blue and scarlet tassels



Omega Chi Epsilon (Chemical Engineering) 

White satin collar (officers) / Maroon & white cord/rope (members)

Jeffrey Weimer


Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical Engineering) 

Teal and burgundy cords (see national website)



Sigma Gamma Tau (Aerospace Engineering) 

Stole with red shoulders and white satin tips

Chang-Kwon Kang


Tau Beta Pi (Engineering) 

White satin collar and embroidered with bent in orange, and white and orange cords

Sampson Gholston

College of Nursing

Sigma Theta Tau
(Undergraduate and Graduate)

Purple and white cords

Angela Hollingsworth

(Undergraduate and Graduate)
Sage green and white cords Karen Frith

College of Science

Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics) 

Green and ivory tassels and cords

Max Bonamente

  Kappa Delta Beta (Biology) Red and green cords Bruce Stallsmith
Athletics Student Athletes Blue and white stole with Charger logo Jennifer Cole
College Ambassadors   Single blue and white cord College Dean

Greek Honor Society

Order of Omega

Gold and white cording 

Rebekah Debuse

U.S. Armed Forces Veterans   Red, White and Blue cording  Nick Anderson
Student Life Student Leader (President Award) Blue and white stole Nikki Goode 

Updated 4/25/2023