Spring 2019 Graduation Students standing outside, in front of the PRC Building

Pictured above are students, staff, faculty, and stakeholders of the UAH Propulsion Research Center at the reception for the spring-summer 2019 graduate recognition.

Michael Mercier | UAH

PRC Presentation - April 24, 2019

This spring we celebrate our students achieving four PhD.s., nine master’s degrees, and six bachelor’s degrees supported in part by research and active mentoring at the UAH Propulsion Research Center. We also honor those who support our students and faculty. New graduates, as you continue your studies or enter the workforce, take pride in all the people who have made UAH and the PRC an outstanding place for you to build relationships, gain an exceptional education in propulsion and engineering, and participate in cutting-edge research projects. Always remember, as we face new challenges each day, to “Keep relationships more important than tasks or problems.” We wish all the graduates and those starting new endeavors a successful and enjoyable future. Call on us in the future. We look forward to hearing from you.

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