Research in this area includes highly-instrumented assessment of combustors and components in solid, hybrid, gas, and liquid propellant systems with application–oriented propellants and operating conditions. Extensive experience in custom built sounding rockets and payload integration.

Recent Highlights:

  • Ground testing of LOX, N2O, RP-1, and methane propellants, AP composite solid rocket motors, and HTPB based, plastic, and paraffin hybrid motor grains
  • Design, fabrication, and testing of additive manufactured components in rocket engines
  • Active roll/counter roll control on sounding rocket flight using aerodynamic surfaces
  • Upper stage engine LRE igniter design and characterization
  • Investing $500K in Test Stand upgrades
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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. David Lineberry

Research Engineer III

For more information on the propulsion system technology test-bed at the Propulsion Research Center, please contact Dr. Lineberry .