The Propellants and Energetics area includes research into solid propellants, hybrid rocket fuels and oxidizers, gas and liquid rocket engines, injectors, micro thrusters. Areas of application include controllable solid rockets, self-pulsation of swirl-coaxial injectors, gas generator propellants, and modeling of electrolytic combustion.

Recent Highlights:

  • Electric Solid Propellant Experiments – MDA
  • Electrolytic Combustion Modeling – MDA
  • Impinging Injector Study – Alabama Space Grant
  • Self-Pulsation of Swirl Coaxial Injector – Von Braun Fellowship
  • Porous Hybrid Rocket Motors – SMDC/SMART Fellowship
Dr. Robert Frederick's faculty page
Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Robert Frederick

Propulsion Research Center Director and Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

For more information on propellants & energetics at the Propulsion Research Center, please contact Dr. Frederick.