Research activities in the Energy & Power Systems group consider supersonic flows, flows and heat transfer within air breathing engine components, heat transfer augmentation technologies, and micro-scale and millimeter-scale flows, including the effects of elastic turbulence, and micro-scale slip from rarefaction.

Expertise and areas of application include:

  • Supersonic Flow and Shock Wave Interaction Investigations
  • Elastic Turbulence Investigations
  • Double Wall Cooling Investigations
  • Surface Roughness Effects on Impingement Array Surface Heat Transfer
  • Internal Passage Heat Transfer Augmentation Methods and Associated Unsteady Flow Structural Characteristics
  • Second Law Losses Around a Turbine Guide Vane
  • Unsteady Milliscale Impingement Jets and Associated Vortices for Surface Heat Transfer Augmentation
  • Dean Flow Dynamics and Cell Separations in Low-Aspect Ratio Spiral Microchannels
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Dr. Phillip Ligrani

Eminent Scholar in Propulsion and Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

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