The Aerospace Materials and Structures group specializes in materials relevant to a diverse set of aerospace applications, ranging from advanced alloys for structural application to novel materials for energy conversion and storage. The group is comprised of UAH Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering faculty and research staff from the UAH Research Institutes. The Aerospace Materials and Structures group has an array of experimental and computational capabilities that support the multiscale analysis of advanced aerospace materials. Our team is experienced in mechanics, thermal and transport sciences, materials characterization, and multiphysics modeling. Our recent efforts focus on additive manufacturing led by Dr. Judy Schneider, 3D X-ray imaging of energy materials and novel propellants led by Dr. George Nelson, and material functionality under extreme environments led by Dr. Kavan Hazeli.

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Dr. George Nelson

Assistant Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

For more information on aerospace materials & structures at the Propulsion Research Center, please contact Dr. Nelson.