Facilities and Operations
October, 2004
The University’s Motor Pool provides vehicles to campus personnel conducting University business or to transport groups of students, employees or visitors.
University vehicles are available on a first-come, first serve basis to properly licensed adults who are employed by or enrolled in UAH.

The Motor Pool is a fleet of cars, minivans, and 12-passenger vans that can be utilized by campus personnel for University business trips or for transporting groups of students, employees, or visitors. A highly competitive rental rate is offered. Motor Pool vehicles receive routine service. In addition, each vehicle is cleaned and receives a safety inspection after each rental.

Renting a Motor Pool Vehicle

Reservations by Authorized Drivers may be made by submitting a completed Motor Pool Checkout Form. This application should be submitted at least one week before checkout to ensure that a vehicle is available. Instructions on becoming an Authorized Driver are listed below. Keys are available for pick up at the Physical Plant Building, Room 124, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Upon completion of travel, keys should be returned to the same location or may be placed in the key drop box located at the south entrance of the Physical Plant Building.

Instructions to Become an Authorized Driver

To become an authorized driver, the following forms must be submitted to Motor Pool in the Physical Plant Building, room 124, at least one week before the vehicle is needed.

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Release Form - Fleet Services will submit MVR requests to the University’s insurance company upon initial request for Authorized Driver status and yearly thereafter. Only individuals with an MVR that is acceptable to the University’s insurance company will be allowed to drive a University vehicle.

Driver's License - A copy of the individual’s driver’s license should be submitted and will be kept on file at Fleet Services. If the license expires, Fleet Services will request a copy of the renewed license in order for Authorized Driver status to continue.

Driver Safety Training - A Certificate of Achievement must be submitted certifying that the driver has completed the Driver Safety Training Course. Instructions for completing the course are listed below:

To take the course, go to Defensive Driving Registration Instructions.

Vehicle Safety Management Program (VSMP) - The VSMP document should be read prior to driving a University vehicle. Information regarding the VSMP is below.

Once the above documents have been submitted and approved, you may rent a vehicle from the Motor Pool fleet.

For questions regarding Motor Pool vehicles, contact Thresa Shelton at or 256-824-2594.

Vehicle Safety Management Program

The Vehicle Safety Management Program is intended to foster a proactive approach to safe driving practices, thereby promoting the safety of University employees and the general public and reducing the number of vehicle accidents. Specifically, Fleet Services provides support in several ways:

  • Inspects, maintains, and repairs University-owned vehicles and removes from service any vehicle not in compliance with University safety standards.
  • Ensures that an accurate vehicle maintenance record is made and retained for each University-owned vehicle.
  • Processes newly acquired vehicles, ensuring that proper documentation and licensure is made and that their condition is in compliance with University vehicle safety standards. Place ownership and insurance records as well as safety equipment in the vehicles.
  • Performs a safety inspection and title examination for any used vehicle projected for purchase by the University or any vehicle slated to be donated to the University.
  • Annually processes Motor Vehicle Record Request/Release Forms for regular drivers by sending such forms to the insurance company and maintaining records of the request and insurance company's response.
  • Notifies the Office of Counsel and UAH insurance carrier of any accident of University-owned vehicles. Maintains records of such accidents and assist the driver in obtaining police reports and filing insurance claim forms.
  • Coordinates repairs to, and/or disposition of, University vehicles.

Fuel Management

To facilitate the refueling of the vehicles operated by various departments of the University, Fleet Services makes available two fuel pumps; one for unleaded fuel and one for diesel. The two pumps are located at the rear of the Physical Plant Building. All vehicles are assigned and issued a gas key which must be inserted into the computerized pumps and used in conjunction with an employee identification number. The department reimburses Fleet Services for any fuel used monthly. Any department wishing to utilize the fuel management system may do so by contacting Fleet Services.

The Fleet Services Office in Facilities and Operations is responsible for the review of this policy every five years (or whenever circumstances require).

Motor Pool Policy