Human Resources
October, 2011
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines and procedures when a layoff occurs.

A layoff occurs when an employee is separated from the University because of proration, lack of funding, reorganization, or reductions in force. Departments will be encouraged to explore alternative cost-saving measures, including reductions in FTE, whenever layoffs are proposed because of proration or budget cuts.

Departments may also consider employee seniority and proximity to retirement eligibility when determining which positions will be eliminated. It is ultimately the responsibility of the department head to determine which factors are possible and practical based on the cost-saving needs of the department.

If the layoff occurs because of re-structuring, departments will be encouraged to place the employee in another position within the department, if such a position is available and provided that the employee meets the basic job requirements for the new position. When a position is eliminated because of re-organization, the department will not be allowed to refill the position for one year.


State funded employees who are terminated as a result of a layoff will be given a 90-day minimum notice in writing. Employees paid from Research funds may be given less notice subject to availability of funding. Subsequent to the notice of termination, the department head may, at his or her discretion, allow a flexible work arrangement so that the laid-off employee may seek other job opportunities. If an employee resigns his or her position prior to the effective date of the layoff, they will be paid through the last day he or she actually worked, plus any accrued annual leave due him or her in accordance with University policy.

A laid-off employee will be encouraged to meet with Human Resources staff to discuss other employment opportunities within the University that may be of interest based on the employee’s education and prior work experience. Human Resources staff will also be available to review the employee’s résumé and make suggestions to improve the content and appearance. The employee’s résumé may then be forwarded to appropriate supervisors for review. Human Resources staff will work closely with hiring managers throughout the selection process to ensure that the University complies with Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action guidelines. However, the hiring decision is ultimately made by the hiring manager.

The University will provide laid-off employees with access to computer terminals in the Salmon Library for up to one year after their termination date. Employees would need to present a photo I.D. and register at the Library front desk.

The Human Resources Office is responsible for the review of this policy every five years (or whenever circumstances require).

Layoff Policy