University Events - Office of Alumni Relations and Special Events
September, 2011; Reviewed/revised January 19, 2024
To describe the permissible use of alcoholic beverage service at on-campus and off-campus University-approved events in accordance with state law.

On-campus Events:

Use and consumption of alcohol on The University of Alabama in Huntsville (“UAH” or “University”) campus is governed by the University’s drug and alcohol policies as stated in the Student Handbook and Staff Handbook, and by the laws of the State of Alabama. Under Alabama statutes, consumption of alcoholic beverages by anyone under the age of 21 years is prohibited.

The University may grant or deny requests for the use or consumption of alcohol on property owned by it in its sole and absolute discretion.

Requests to have alcoholic beverages at an event are subject first to approval by the University. An application for a Grounds Use Permit or Campus Use Permit can include a request to allow the serving of alcohol provided such serving complies with University policy, all state and local laws and regulations, and the following additional criteria:

  • UAH does not hold a liquor license on campus and therefore cannot sell alcoholic beverages at any event. Alcoholic beverages cannot be included in a ticket price or sold at a cash bar.
  • It is permissible to distribute alcoholic beverages, free of charge, to event guests, which requires event planners to privately purchase alcohol and deliver it to the event location. Event planners must be able to produce receipts for alcoholic beverages to verify that the alcohol was purchased from a legitimate retail outlet in Alabama.
  • Sodexo no longer has a license to sell alcoholic beverages. As such, event planners must hire a licensed bartender through Sodexo to distribute alcoholic beverages, free of charge, to event guests. Self- service is not permitted.
  • No open containers (open bottles, cups, cans) can be carried from the venue. Violating these regulations can result in personal liability for event planners, hosts, and for persons purchasing and transporting beverages.
  • State funds cannot be used to pay for alcoholic beverages.
  • In the circumstance that Sodexo cannot or refuses to provide a licensed bartender, event planners must obtain a separate Special Event License from the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board through an approved vendor. This process can take up to 6-8 weeks so planning well in advance for this requirement is necessary.
  • The event planners will be responsible for compliance with all open container laws.
  • The event planners will also be responsible for compliance with all laws concerning alcohol possession or consumption by minors.

The University may approve, deny, or revoke requests for the use or consumption of alcohol on property owned by it in its sole and absolute discretion.


Event Planner: The person or entity responsible for the event. This can include University departments, third party organizations, or individuals contracting to use University facilities.

Third-party entities approved to serve alcoholic beverages on the UAH campus must provide proof of acceptable general liability insurance coverage, and comply with all applicable requirements under the UAH Facility and Grounds Use Insurance Requirements Policy.

The Vice President for University Advancement is responsible for the review of this policy every five years (or when circumstances require).

Alcohol Beverage Usage at University Events Policy