Marketing and Communications
August, 2014
The purpose of this policy is to establish proper mechanism whereby credentialed electronic, print, or web media representatives can visit and gather news on the UAH campus.

All outdoor areas of campus are accessible to the news media. Videography and photography is allowed under established journalistic standards and practices.

No media representatives can enter UAH residence halls, academic buildings or research facilities without approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications. Twenty-four hour notification is required to insure access and an escort (if required).

In the event that UAH Campus Security, local police, or fire first responders are in command of access to the University, specific buildings, or areas of campus, all media must follow their directives.

If you are unsure of the professor, researcher, or particular building you are interested in, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications, 256-824-6414.
The Vice President for University Advancement is responsible for the review of this policy every five years (or whenever circumstances require).

News Media Access Policy