Student Affairs – Bevill Center/Dining Services
May, 2017
To provide guidelines when requesting on-campus catering services with University Dining.
  1. The event requestor is to contact the University Dining Sales office at 256-824-4721 to verify schedule availability for the event and establish the menu.
  2. The University Dining Sales Office will complete and email the event requestor a Banquet Event Order (BEO) within 48 hours of the order, which will need to be reviewed, printed, and signed by the requestor. The BEO needs to be signed and returned within 48 hours of receiving the agreement or 72 hours prior to the event, whichever is greater.
  3. Upon receiving the BEO, the event requestor must fill out a "Pre-Approved Request for Bevill Center/University Dining Services" form and submit it along with a copy of the signed BEO to the UAH Accounting Office. This form is available on-line on the UAH website under "Accounting and Financial Reporting" forms
  4. The UAH Accounting Office will review the documents and take the following action:
    1. Assure that there is adequate funding to cover the event
    2. Verify that the event falls within the guidelines of those that can be paid through state funds
  5. The UAH Accounting Office staff will contact the event requestor if there are any questions or discrepancies on the request form.
  6. Upon approving the form, the UAH Accounting Office will forward the request form and BEO copy to the University Dining Sales Office for processing. University Dining Sales office must receive the completed form from UAH Accounting three (3) days prior to the event.
  7. At the conclusion of the event the University Dining Sales Office will make any necessary adjustments to the Pre-Approved Request form and return it to the UAH Accounting Office for payment. Additionally, the University Dining Sales Office will contact the event requestor of the changes made and follow up with a copy of the adjusted Pre-Approved Request form.
  8. If a billing discrepancy occurs, the event requestor is to contact the University Dining Sales Office to discuss the matter. If further adjustments are to be made after the processing of payment this shall be done through a UAH transfer authorization form.

The following guidelines apply when requesting On-Campus Catering Services:

For events held in the Bevill Center, Conference Training Center, Charger Union, Charger Village Food Court and Student Services Building University Dining Services must be used for all catering events.

The Banquet Event Order (BEO) is the official agreement used to confirm all details and charges for an event. The client is agreeing to all services and charges listed on the BEO when signing for approval. The BEO provides the following information:

  • Event Name, event contact, designated location of the event, beginning and ending event times.
  • A detailed breakdown of the menu selected with the description, quantity and price of each item listed.
  • Menu selections that have a minimum order requirement must be met to process the order. Please see the catering menu for details.
  • No food or beverage of any kind can be provided by an outside party during a Sodexo-catered event. To ensure proper food safety, the food served during an event may not be taken from the premises.
  • An exception is made for Student Organizations at the University Center & Charger Union on the following items.
    1. Only factory sealed food and beverages may be used. No homemade products may be served. All food and beverages must be in the original factory sealed containers when served.
    2. The Charger Union, University Center or University Dining Services will not supply dishes, plates, cups, napkins, or any other item necessary to serve the refreshments.
    3. The sponsoring organization is responsible for cleaning up all food and beverage items prior to leaving the event.
    4. These exceptions apply to refreshments only no full meals may be served.
  • The guaranteed attendance must be finalized with the sales representative at least three (3) business days prior to the event.
  • All events are considered "tentative" until the client has provided the sales representative with a signed BEO, as well as the required Pre-approval Form, signed by Accounting, three (3) business days before the event. In failure to do so, University Dining reserves the right not to provide service.
  • The client is responsible for providing the proper number of tables and chairs for events outside of the Bevill Center. For events starting before 12 pm tables must be provided the day before the event. Failure to provide the needed amount of tables may cause a delay of the event.

Additional Charges:

Additional Charges will be applied at the current pricing rate for the following services:

  • Delivery orders.
  • Requests for china and flatware service.
  • Table cloths requested more than needed for serving and buffet tables.
  • Labor charges for events with guaranteed attendance of 50 or more guests.
  • Events that exceed their original guaranteed event times.
  • Bartender Fee.
    • All events that have alcohol served at the event will be charged a bartender fee for four (4) hours of service. Each additional hour will be charged by the hour.
    • University Dining has been granted a license by the State of Alabama to sell alcoholic beverages during functions at the Bevill Center & Conference Training Center. All arrangements for such events must be made through the University Dining Sales Office. As the license holder, University Dining has the right to refuse to provide this service at its discretion.
    • If hosting a function on campus and not using University Dining Services for the event, we strongly recommend using a certified bartender. You may request a University Dining Services bartender for your event at the current hourly rate.


All events must be paid in full before the time of the event.

  • When paying with a UAH budget transfer the pre-approval form signed by UAH Accounting must be received in the University Dining Services Sales Office three (3) business days prior to the scheduled event. In case of a Pop-up Event, the client is responsible for bringing the needed paper work to UAH Accounting for signature.
  • When paying with a UAH foundation check the pre-approval form signed by UAH Accounting must be received in the University Dining Services Sales Office three (3) business days prior to the scheduled event. In case of a Pop-up Event, the client is responsible for bringing the needed paper work to UAH Accounting for signature.
  • Event orders from the catering menu that are paid with UAH funds (budget transfer or foundation check) will receive a 15% discount. Special request menus will not be eligible for the discount.
  • Sales tax will be charged on all events paid with private funds (check, cash, and credit card) for organizations that do not have a tax exempt certificate.
  • Review
    The Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for the review of this policy every five years (or whenever circumstances require).

    Bevill Campus Catering Policy