October 17, 2019
At UAH, the M. Louis Salmon Library (the "Library") supports the instructional, research, and outreach programs of the students, faculty, and staff. The Makerspace Lab enhances this support by providing the opportunity for the exploration, design and creation of new technologies, concepts, and objects.

The following policy ensures that the Makerspace Lab best meets the educational needs and promotes the success of the students, faculty, and researchers at UAH.

  1. 3D Printing Policies. The Library’s 3D printing services are available for use by all current UAH faculty, staff, and students.
    1. Restrictions
      1. Patrons may print any object to be used for research and education purposes with the following exceptions:
        1. No weapons, weapon accessories, or weapon components;
        2. No objects that resemble weapons or weapon accessories;
        3. No illegal objects;
        4. No copyrighted objects or any other objects that violate patents and trademarks:
        5. No items involving the UAH logo and other identity graphics printed without written approval of the UAH Office of Marketing and Communications:
        6. No items printed for commercial purposes.
        7. No items violating the UAH Code of Student Conduct.
    2. Copyright, Patent, and Intellectual Property
      1. Items created in the Library Makerspace Lab and the user's individual rights extended to those items may be subject to the University Copyright Policy, the University Patent Policy, and/or the University Intellectual property Policy. These policies may be found at
    3. Submitting a Print Job
      1. Patrons must submit a printing request to Makerspace Lab personnel. The request must include the file to be printed and a print request form (see appendix).
      2. Makerspace Lab personnel will work with patrons to schedule time for use of the printer. Personnel will also verify the patron's level of experience with the equipment to determine the level of supervision the patron will require during the print job.
    4. Payment and Fees
      1. Fees are collected at the time of print job approval.
      2. Fees apply to all print jobs and all patrons; there are no educational or academic waivers or discounts.
      3. Payments can be made at the User Services Desk using FLEX, cash, check, or credit or debit card.
      4. Refunds for failed print jobs will be considered when the failure is based on equipment failure. Refunds will not be given for tailed print jobs caused by file or user errors.
    5. Scheduling a Print Job
      1. Once a print job is Makerspace Lab personnel will provide the patron access to the printer for the length of time necessary to set the print, stay with the print, and retrieve the print,
      2. Patrons must undergo training prior to printing. Makerspace Lab personnel have the sole discretion to determine if a patron has a sufficient level of experience to access the equipment,
      3. If the print is scheduled for a later date and time, the patron should be at the printer fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled start time or risk forfeiting their scheduled block.
      4. Printing is suspended whenever the University suspends normal operations.
      5. The amount of time required to complete a print will vary based on the complexity and size of the object(s), current number of print jobs in the queue, and availability.
      6. Print jobs are processed in order they are submitted.
      7. If a print job is expected to exceed two (2) hours, the patron and Makerspace Lab personnel shall select the appropriate approvals on the 3D Print Request Form concerning supervision and completion of the print job.
    6. Communication
      1. The patron can expect to receive communication from the Library through his or her official UAH email account at the following points in the process:
        1. Acknowledgment of the original email containing the file;
        2. Notification of approval along with a form to sign and requirement for payment; and
        3. Notification of job completion.
    7. Damage to Equipment or Supplies
      1. If the printer, equipment, or any part of the Makerspace Lab is damaged during a print lob, the patron will be held liable for damages if his or her negligence intentional action caused the damage. If the patron is a student, necessary action may be taken according to the procedures outlined in the UAH Student Handbook at the discretion of the Multimedia Lab Assistant.
      2. If a malfunction occurs, patrons should contact Makerspace personnel promptly
      3. Patrons will not be held accountable for routine errors such as printer jams or breakdowns caused by expected wear and tear or equipment malfunction. However, if a patron pushes past an error that results in more extensive damage. such as forcibly removing a piece of equipment or material and causing greater damage, the patron will be held liable for damages. If the patron is a student, necessary action may be taken according to the procedures outlined in the UAH Student Handbook at the discretion of the Multimedia Lab Assistant.
      4. In exchange for use of the printer, equipment, and Makerspace Lab, patron agrees to pay for any damage or loss of items or equipment and will accept the Makerspace Lab personnel and/or Library staffs assessment of fair restitution for damage, delinquency, and/or loss of items in part or total. The exact amount of restitution may vary depending on the extent of the damage.
    8. Assessment and Adjustment of Policies
      1. Makerspace Lab personnel will routinely evaluate practices, costs, and capabilities. This evaluation process will be used to adjust prices and policies to reflect actual use and costs of materials and equipment and to identify future services and equipment for the Makerspace Lab.
      2. At any point when the 3D printing Policies are revised, outstanding print jobs will be subject to the policies in effect at the time the print jobs were submitted, except in cases where individual well-being is concerned such as legal or safety issues.
    9. Administration and Compliance
      1. Violations of the use of the Makerspace Lab that constitute a breach of the Student Code of Conduct, the Faculty Handbook, the Staff Handbook, or University policies will be referred to appropriate University authorities.
The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for the review of this policy every five years (or whenever circumstances require).

Salmon Library Makerspace Lab Policy