Academic Affairs
November 2014
States the criteria for financial support of student travel for research and student organizations for Honors College students
To further its mission, the Honors College sponsors student travel in support of research and student organizations that academically and creatively enrich the UAH environment. In consultation with the Honors Council and the College Coordinator, the Dean of the Honors College establishes a yearly fund in support of student organizations and student travel. Individual Honors College students and student organizations apply for funding to the Honors College. Eligibility criteria, application procedures, and funding levels are set out below.

Student Organizations:

Eligibility criteria. The organization must

  1. Be a registered student organization.
  2. Meet one or more of the following criteria: its membership is at least 25% Honors College Students or it has Honors College Students as elected officers.
  3. Show that they have applied to at least one other source of funding (for example, Student Affairs or SGA).
  4. Present an explanation of their group's mission, how it serves UAH as a whole, and how if fulfills the criteria of being either academic or creative.
  5. Include a full budget and budget narrative justifying the request.


The Dean of the Honors College decides how much, if any, of the request to fulfill, up to $750.00, considering the merits of the request and the College's budget for Student Organizations and Travel. Groups receiving financial support from the Honors College are required to note this fact on promotional materials and provide a one or two page report of how the moneys were expended.

Student Travel

Eligibility criteria. The student must

  1. Be attending a juried academic presentation, performance, or exhibit.
  2. Must be attending this event as part of work tied specifically to the UAH Honors College (for example, presenting part of an Honors Capstone Project at a regional or national conference).
  3. Have already made application both to their home college (the department in which the work was done), and to the SGA, and must have used any available funds they have from grants and other funding sources.


The Dean will decide on the merits of the request and fund the student travel up to $250. Students receiving travel funding must submit a one page report on their activities with they submit their travel reimbursement request.

The Honors Dean, in consultation with the entire Honors Council, is responsible for reviewing these policies every 5 years and for making other changes as needed.

Policy on Student Requests for Funding