Academic Affairs
August, 2017
The University is committed to using its resources efficiently and email is a cost-effective means of communication. Due to the reliance and wide acceptance of electronic email, UAH considers this as the best means by which information is communicated to students. However, other means of communication will be utilized, when mandated by contractual or legal obligations. This policy establishes email as the University’s official means of communication with students and sets forth obligations members of the University community have regarding email use for this purpose.
The University provides students with an official University email account upon the student’s matriculation to the institution. This account is free of charge and remains active as long as the student remains active with the University. The University assigned email account is the official mode of communication between UAH and its students.
Students are responsible for all information sent to them via their University assigned email account. If a student chooses to forward his or her University email account, or does not use the University assigned email account on a regular basis, he or she is responsible for all communications sent to the University email account, including, but not limited to, attachments, announcements, and financial statements. While the University may choose to use other forms of communication such as University web sites and social media to better communicate with the campus community, the content of the email is considered the official information.
Academic Affairs will review this policy every five years or sooner as needed.

Electronic Mail as the Official Means of Communications Between the University and Its Students