Academic Affairs
January, 2003
This policy established the process and procedures for conducting recruitment and hiring fairly and equitably.
All faculty recruitment and hiring shall conform to the University's Affirmative Action Plan and are required for the appointment of all faculty, including tenured and tenure-earning appointments, clinical and research faculty, instructors, lecturers and other term appointments. It is recommended that colleges annually place a local ad in the Huntsville Times listing all potential part-time positions within the college so that one authorization and advertisement can be used. Forms for the Office of Academic Affairs are online at
  1. Requests to fill a position originate in the department or program and are forwarded to the dean of the college. The college develops a list of recruiting priorities for the academic year.
  2. The dean discusses recruiting priorities with the Provost and obtains permission to open a position(s). Both budget and program needs must be identified and justified.
  3. When permission has been obtained from the Provost, the following steps must be taken:
    • Review the appropriate sections of the Faculty Handbook on appointment of faculty and affirmative action commitment. Review the University Affirmative Action Plan, available on the University’s Policies and Procedures website. Develop and implement a plan to attract a large pool of qualified applicants and specific efforts must be made to locate women and minority candidates. State precisely in what publications, website and listservs the advertisement will appear.
    • Prepare Form A: Authorization to Recruit Academic Personnel. Attach a spread sheet and a PARF identifying funding sources along with the Authorization to Recruit. (A copy of the letter of resignation or letter of retirement is required for replacement positions). The form can be found at
    • Prepare Form B:Academic Recruitment Plan found at
    • Prepare the advertisement within the Provost Office template and attach a copy to the Recruitment Plan.

    Advertisements must describe the position, state the qualifications required, the person to contact, list the items to be submitted (i.e. letter/statement/philosophy, resume, references) as well as how they are to be submitted (i.e. electronically), the date the position will be filled, and the cut-off date for applications (allow at least 30 days after the placement of the advertisement except in unusual circumstances). Include an Affirmative Action Statement (The University of Alabama in Huntsville is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer). Be sure that each standard associated with the position is related to successful performance and does not screen out applicants from diverse background or underrepresented populations.

    Approved copies of all paperwork will be returned to the Department. Please send an electronic version of the advertisement to the Office of Academic Affairs ( We will post the advertisement the University Job Site and the advertisement may then be placed and distributed as previously submitted and approved publications and electronic distributed sites.

  4. Place the advertisement through the usual purchasing procedures. Maintain records and document efforts to reach minority and women candidates such as notes of telephone conversations and correspondence with individuals, organizations, and universities.
  5. Upon request, the Faculty Equal Employment Coordinator will meet with the search committee to explain policies and procedures.
  6. When the applications begin to arrive, initiate following steps:
    • Record the applicant information on the Applicant Worksheet (Form D) Fill out all of the columns on which information is available. The Worksheet must be completed and submitted prior to request for interviews. Please make sure you have documentation for the information you place on the Applicant Worksheet.
    • Send each applicant an affirmative action survey form, using the link provided by the Provost Office for that particular position.
    • The Provost office will add applicant ethnic/race data to the worksheet and provide it to the Provost for review and signature.
    • Every effort needs to be made to ensure a diverse applicant pool, and that candidates from underrepresented populations are given full consideration.
  7. A signed Applicant Worksheet must be received before interviews are scheduled, as the candidate pool is closely monitored by the Faculty Equal Employment Coordinator to ensure compliance with the Affirmative Action Plan.
  8. When a copy of the signed Worksheet has been returned to the department/unit, prepare Form E to obtain permission to interview. Attach resumes of the candidates. Form E must be approved by the EEO Officer and the Provost prior to a campus interview. Review the Faculty Handbook for events to be scheduled during an interview.
  9. When a recommendation for appointment has been decided, initiate the following steps:
    • Complete Form F: Selection and Justification for Academic Appointment with recommendation of choice for the position and necessary documentation and obtain signatures (Chair and Dean). Use the data on the completed Applicant Worksheet to fill out the chart. Send the signed Form F to the Office of Academic Affairs for processing.
    • After a copy of the signed Form F is returned to the Department and Dean, the dean should send a request to appoint including a memo for signature, a draft offer letter using the most up-to-date letter template, “terms of offer”, resume and letters of reference to obtain approval for the appointment from the Provost. No appointment, written or verbal, may be made without the approval of the Provost.
    • If the selected candidate is NOT A U.S. CITIZEN, please notify the Office of International Engagement (OIE) as soon as possible so that an assessment of the candidate’s status and needs can be made and the hiring process can be initiated. This will help ensure a smooth transition for both the candidate and your department.
  10. If the candidate accepts, notify the Office of Academic Affairs by sending a copy of the acceptance. If the candidate does not accept the offer, please send a copy of the rejection to the Office of Academic Affairs or a note stating that the candidate rejected the offer and why if known. Check that ALL Affirmative Action Forms have been completed. At this time, the Provost Office will send a “New Faculty Member” worksheet to be filled out by the Department.
  11. If the candidate does not accept, review the applicant pool, if an appropriate candidate is in the pool return to number 9 above and repeat the process.
  12. If the position is not filled, in most cases, it will be necessary to close out the position and begin the recruitment process from Step 1 again, typically at the beginning of a new academic year.
  13. Maintain all recruiting records, including completed applications, for three years.
Academic Affairs will review this policy every five years or sooner as needed.

Faculty Recruiting and Hiring