Event Parking Requests

Please submit a UAH Event Parking Request form for approval.

Every effort will be made to accommodate event parking requests. However, University-affiliated parking customer rights and accommodations take priority. All requests must have approval before advertising, inviting guests or expending financial resources.

Large Events

When a request for event parking within the interior of the campus is received and the expected number of guests exceeds 30, the Supervisor of Parking Services will determine the impact on student and employee parking. Planners should expect to be directed to use one of the satellite parking lots such as Benchmark Lot located just west of the SWIRLL facility (Executive Plaza is currently unavailable due to construction). When using satellite parking, we recommend your department position signage that is easily visible directing visitors to appropriate lots.

When using satellite parking lots, event planners may want to arrange a shuttle service to transport guests between the satellite lot and the event.

Shuttle Suggestions

The UAH Facilities and Operations Department maintains a small fleet of 12 passenger vans for a fee of $65 or $.65 per mile. Drivers are not provided. Coordinators must insure that properly licensed and approved van drivers are used. Please contact Facilities and Operations for more details: 256.824.6490,  facilities@uah.edu

Various vehicle rental companies such as: Hertz, Dollar Rental, Enterprise, Budget, etc.