Dr. Barbara SattlerUniv. of San Francico"Our Environment and Our Health: Just, How Are They Connected?"Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2015Azita Amiri Nursing
Dr. Zhenquing ChenUniv. of Washington"Anomalous Diffusions and Fractional Order Differential Equations"Mar. 16-19, 2016Dongsheng Wu Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Xi-Cheng ZhangUniv. of Rochester"THz Technologies: from Devices to Systems"Sept. 18, 2015Junpeng Guo Elec. and Computer Engin.
Dr. Kristie DotsonMichigan State Univ."How Is This Paper Philosophy?"Feb. 19, 2016John NalePhilosophy
Dr. Kenneth ReinhardUCLA"Philosophy and Its Conditions: Politics, Art, Science, and Love"Nov. 23-24, 2015Joseph Taylor English
Mark WigginsIndependent author and UAH alumTBAMar. 2016David Moore Library