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New UAH office provides expert-led professional training.

Photo courtesy of Michael Mercier

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) recently launched the Office of Professional and Continuing Education (OPCE), which is dedicated to providing high-quality and responsive training and education to support federal agencies, government contractors, business enterprises and individuals looking to advance their professional careers.

“We are so excited to provide professional learning opportunities for organizations that will result in an exemplary workforce,” says Director of Outreach and Support Services Fathia Hardy. “Companies who invest in continuing education show their employees they are valued. In turn, this improves employee retention and company culture, as well as the company’s marketability.”

Since OPCE is part of one of the nation’s premier accredited research universities, the office has access to UAH’s respected researchers, innovators and leaders at the forefront of their fields. These subject-matter experts will teach courses for organizations, agencies and individuals to better equip teams, strengthen human capabilities, exceed mission-critical demands, achieve strategic outcomes and support national interests.

OPCE instructors include industry experts in propulsion; unmanned aerial systems; payload systems; systems engineering; engineering management; radar systems; model-based engineering; cybersecurity and defense; leadership; business strategy; diversity, equity and inclusion; executive communication; operations; human resource strategy and many more.

Dr. Jason T. Greene, dean of the UAH College of Business, is helping support the new office from a strategic perspective.

“Successful organizations recognize the value in equipping their professional workforce with new knowledge and advanced skills,” he says. “Such investments in professional development help an organization expand their competitive advantage, retain the best talent and adapt to new mission requirements.”

He points out that “we are fortunate that UAH has access to a deep pool of experts and capabilities through OPCE to deliver flexible programs featuring cutting-edge scientific, engineering and business knowledge and practices.”

OPCE has a variety of program offerings. Customized training is available for organizations seeking specific and unique solutions. Each organization can create a tailored team-learning experience featuring subject-matter experts whose backgrounds best align with the organization’s needs. Responsive content will be delivered through online, in-person or hybrid formats as requested.

Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) programs allow organizations access to innovative training solutions without the time constraints and development costs of a customized program. OPCE’s responsive content is strategically developed, curated and frequently updated to adapt to the latest mission priorities, technological advances, research findings and cultural trends. COTS programs are also available through a variety of flexible formats such as online, in-person and hybrid.

OPCE also offers courses and programs to help individuals stay up to date on the latest technological advancements and trends that are critical to advancing a professional career. Offerings for individuals are available in formats and at times convenient for working professionals.

The new office is based on the legacy of the UAH College of Professional Studies, which developed course content and training programs for a diverse range of organizations, including NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, the U.S. Army’s Test Center (RTC), Radiance Technologies, Crossflow Technologies, Defense Acquisition University (DAU), Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater & Academy and many others.

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Office of Professional and Continuing Education