Support National Interests, Advance the professional workforce, and inspire personal intellectual growth.

We leverage the knowledge of a diverse group of subject-matter experts to train and enhance an organization’s professional workforce through innovative, responsive, and flexible content designed to better equip teams, strengthen human capabilities, exceed mission-critical demands, transcend strategic outcomes, and support national interests.

  • As a part of The University of Alabama in Huntsville, one of the nation’s premier accredited research universities, we tap the knowledge of our diverse professional network of subject-matter experts, researchers, and leaders at the forefront of advancement. We serve as a centralized hub of knowledge creators leveraging the expertise of our professional network to design and deploy innovative training solutions.
  • Our responsive content is strategically developed, curated, and frequently updated to inspire intellectual growth and adapt to the latest mission priorities, technological advances, research findings, and cultural trends.
  • We deliver knowledge in a variety of flexible formats to make professional learning convenient. Training offered online, in-person, and hybrid helps meet the ever-changing needs of an organization's human capital.
  • Our partnership approach results in a highly competitive workforce equipped with the enhanced knowledge and skills to address an organization’s mission-critical needs.


To be the preferred provider of high-quality and responsive continuing education to support national interests, advance the professional workforce, and inspire personal intellectual growth.


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Noncredit Registration Office
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