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Through the Future Ready program, businesses within Alabama may receive comprehensive sustainability and resiliency assessments and support resources, which strengthen the Alabama industrial base. This opportunity is brought to you by the UAH - Office for Operational Excellence (OOE) and a grant from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA).

About Future Ready

The Future Ready program will assist a select number of Alabama businesses with their ability to respond to and navigate trends and changing business environments. What does it mean for your business to be continually prepared for the future? We believe businesses can prepare for unknown disruptions by looking at the current capabilities to evaluate strengths and opportunities for continued improvement. The Future Ready program is a comprehensive methodology of evaluating and advancing the readiness of a business to sustain operations after a disruptive event and be resilient to changes in its operating environment. Our team of experts will work with your business to help it become Future Ready.

Future Ready prepares businesses to:

  • Survive current and future economic challenges
  • Proactively prepare for future threats
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Leverage planning & efficiency to allow pivoting to address negative impacts on the business
  • Build on the business strengths to address business weaknesses
  • Reinforce brand protection
  • Adapt to a dynamic environment
  • Lessen downtime impacts

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