Huntsville, AL

July 25, 2017

As part of the Alabama Defense Industry Diversification Analysis Project, UAH OOE is working with Moseley Technical Services to provide quality management and business development support.  On July 25, Moseley Technical Services celebrated the rebranding of their company and receiving of the Lockheed Martin Elite Supplier Award.  Only the top 2% of Lockheed’s suppliers receive the prestigious award.  Congratulations to Jerry Moseley and the rest of the team!


moseley award 1502474691

UAH-OOE provides on-site business, technical and management support, training and program management.  The OOE staff are full-time, non-academic experts with vast experience in continuous improvement, human resource management, quality systems management, supply chain management and other business and engineering disciplines.  This expertise is leveraged to assist organizations in achieving operational excellence in Planning, Processes, and Products/Services through development of People and conservation of the Planet. 




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