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The E2: Engage & Excel program offers a multifaceted support system available at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. It serves all three populations at the university: undergraduate students, graduate-level students, and faculty. Clients may be recommended to our program or come as a self-referral/walk-in.

The E2 program uses reading methods (such as the SQ5R, individualized learning strategies, CAAI, etc.), evidence-based accent modification, mindfulness and anxiety release techniques, planning skills, and communicative practices focusing on relationship building to support and promote the learners & teachers of our university community. Upon booking the initial appointment, the client is interviewed and assessed for areas of needed support. 45-minute sessions are then booked throughout the semester on a regular basis (once a week or twice a week). The sessions may be one on one meetings or in small groups of up to 4 people. Evdoxia Tsimika-Chronis is the lead instructor for E2.

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For Native Speakers

  • Mindfulness & Anxiety Release Techniques
  • Improving Literacies (including but not limited to comprehension of material, retention of information & application of knowledge, professional behavioral applications)
  • Study Skills
  • Planning Skills (setting challenging yet realistic goals)
  • Building Relationships with classmates & Instructors
  • Test-taking Skills

For Non-native Speakers

  • Accent Modification
  • Language Accuracy
  • Cross-cultural Topics in Learning & Education
  • Thesis & Dissertation Presentation

**Non-native speakers can also apply any of the needed areas from the Native Speakers area below to their Individualized E2 Program Plan**

Reading is the foundation of learning: Learn to Read then Read to Learn

Contact Information

The E2 office is located in NUR 112C. To make an appointment, either send an email to e2@uah.edu or schedule an appointment online.