Student Advisory Council to the Dean

The Student Advisory Council to the Dean (SACD) represents students at the executive level in the College of Nursing (CON) to promote excellence during the collegiate experience. Their goals include promoting a positive and inclusive environment in the College of Nursing, leading social media campaigns to heighten awareness and interaction among current and prospective students, alumni, and community members, as well as working in collaboration with faculty and staff to assist in recruiting students. Additionally, the Student Advisory Council to the Dean is proud to lead and work in collaboration with the College of Nursing Ambassador program. Since establishing the SACD in the Fall of 2021, they have accomplished many notable accolades. They are responsible for many improvements in the College of Nursing, including but not limited to, increased community and student engagement on social media, increased involvement at events, increased prospective student interaction, and increased communication between the College of Nursing and the nursing community. The SACD looks forward to continuing to fulfill and expand its goals in the future and to continue to make the College of Nursing a positive, inclusive, and welcoming environment.

Students interested in joining the SACD should fill out the application below and upload a letter of recommendation from a nursing faculty member.

SACD Application Form