Karen Frith


Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, College of Nursing Professor


1610 Ben Graves Drive
Nursing Building
Room 214G
Huntsville, AL 35899
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Karen Frith's Curriculum Vitae

Karen Frith's ORCID iD


  • Ph.D., Georgia State University
  • MSN in Nursing Administration, University of North Carolina in Greensboro
  • BSN, Auburn University
  • Nurse Executive, Advanced - Board Certified
  • Certified Nurse Educator

Clinical Expertise

  • Cardiovascular nursing
  • Nursing administration
  • Nursing informatics


  • Fall prevention in older adults
  • Polypharmacy and potentially inappropriate medication in older adults
  • Leadership and nursing staff outcomes
  • Nurse staffing and patient and organizational outcomes
  • Job stress in the nursing and patient outcomes
  • Educational technology, distance education, and student outcomes
  • Informatics: usability testing, mobile technology, and technology-supported self-management

Recent Publications

  • Frith, K.H. (2020). The Star Trek Tricorder is Here: Handheld Imaging Technology. Nursing Education Perspectives, 42(1).

  • Frith, K.H. (2020). Telehealth Delivery Model in the Mainstream. Nursing Education Perspectives, 42(1).

  • Frith, K.H. (2020). Assessment of Online Education: Part 2. Nursing Education Perspectives, 41(6).

  • Frith, K.H. (2020). Assessment of Online Education: Part 1. Nursing Education Perspectives, 41(5), 199-200.

  • Frith, K.H. (2020). 20-Year Synthetic Biology Research Roadmap: Implications for Vaccine Development and Future Research. Nursing Education Perspectives, 41(4).

  • Frith, K.H. (2020). Mobile technologies in clinical trials. Nursing Education Perspectives, 41(3).

  • Frith, K.H. (2020).CRIPR-Cas: What is it and why should nurses care? Nursing Education Perspectives, 41(2), 136-137.

  • Frith, K.H. (2020 accepted). Design thinking: An approach to innovative interprofessional education. Nursing Education Perspectives, 41(1). 69.

  • Frith, K.H. (2019 accepted). Data breaches in health care. Nursing Education Perspectives, 40(6). 388-389.

  • Frith, K.H. (2019). Research and development of new Technology with international collaborators: What you Must know about export control. Nursing Education Perspectives, 40(5). 312.