Fifteen students win at Research Horizons Poster Day


Anthony DeStefano talks about his poster with Dr. Sundar Christopher, dean of the College of Science. The poster won second place in the College of Science graduate division.

Michael Mercier | UAH

Fifteen students were winners at the second annual Research Horizons Day Poster Session held in M. Louis Salmon Library's Student Success Center Tuesday, April 12.

Winners are:

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Undergraduate

First Place
Emily Pate - Interpreting The Language Of Photography
Mentor: José Betancourt, MFA

Second Place
Helen Sowards, H. Erwin, B. Wright, W. Lester, A. Harrison, M. Campbell - The Font Size Effect Does Not Extend to Math Problems
Mentor: Dr. Jody Price

Third Place
Hillary Erwin, B. Wright, A. Harrison, H. Sowards, M. A. Waldon - The role of goal and data-driven influences in younger and older adults' self-regulated learning
Mentor: Dr. Jody Price

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Graduate

First Place
Heather Beard - Cybersecurity Message Framing
Mentor: Dr. Sandra Carpenter

College of Business Administration, Undergraduate/Graduate

First Place
Danielle Curet, E. Connor, S. Dafter, J. Dosier - You vs. The Room: How To Escape
Mentor: Dr. Al Wilhite

Second Place
Ross Cherry - FUT Decision Model
Mentor: Dr. Fan Tseng

College of Education, Graduate

First Place
Melissa Shull - The Relationship between Student-Led Parent Conferences and Parental Conference Participation and Student Motivation and Achievement
Mentor: Dr. Wolfram Verlaan

College of Engineering, Undergraduate

First Place
Matthew Ursprung - The effect of Golden Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum) in reducing the level of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds in a ground-based simulated spacecraft cabin
Mentor: Dr. Azita Amiri

College of Engineering, Graduate

First Place
Mar Piernavieja-Hermida, X. Luo, T. Wu, J. Lu, J. Wen, Y. Lei - Palladium Nanoparticles on Zinc Oxide-passivated Porous Carbon for Enhanced Performance in Lithium-Oxygen Batteries
Mentor: Dr. Yu Lei

College of Nursing, Undergraduate

First Place
Linda A Hanson, P. O'Neal - Development of a new model for laboratory testing to improve efficiency and reduce costs
Mentor: Dr. Pam O'Neal

College of Nursing, Graduate

First Place
Kacy Taylor - The Insight of BSN Prepared Nurses On the Link Between Simulation Experiences and Success on the NCLEX-RN
Mentor: Dr. Louise O'Keefe

College of Science, Undergraduate

First Place
Christopher Sebastian - Character and Kinetic analysis of human inorganic pyrophosphatase enzyme
Mentor: Dr. Joe Ng

Second Place
Sara Amirazodi, K. Markert - GIS and Remote Sensing for Public Health: Application of NASA Earth Observations to River Blindness Elimination Initiatives in the Amazon Rainforest
Mentor: Dr. Robert Griffin

College of Science, Graduate

First Place
Geordan Burks, H. McFeeters - Characterization of Putative Peptide Ptrhd1
Mentor: Dr. Robert McFeeters

Second Place
Anthony DeStefano - Modeling the Hydrogen-Proton Charge-Exchange Process in Global Heliospheric Simulations
Mentor: Dr. Jacob Heerikhuisen



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