UAH College of Nursing welcomes Dr. Thuy Lam Lynch

Thuy Lynch

The UAH College of Nursing welcomes alumna Dr. Thuy Lam Lynch ('97 BSN, '01 MSN).

Michael Mercier | UAH

As a young patient in the hospital Thuy Lam Lynch ('97 BSN, '01 MSN) encountered a nurse who was kind and caring, "she made my hospital experience less frightening." Although Lynch didn't know exactly what a nurse was, she knew she wanted to help sick people feel better, too.

Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Lynch began her tenure as an Assistant Professor of Nursing at UAH earlier this year. Reared in Huntsville, AL, Lynch graduated from S. R. Butler High School with honors. "Being an advanced placement student definitely prepared me for my college experience," she said.

After high school Lynch began her undergraduate studies at UAH and earned a Bachelor of Science (cum laude) degree in Nursing. "I was inspired and encouraged by my hospital nursing director to pursue a Master's degree in Nursing. I believe in life-long learning, so naturally I enrolled in a Ph.D. nursing program at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). My studies in the doctoral program helped to shape my worldview and better understand the experiences of others." Lynch graduated from UAB in 2012, earning two distinguished doctoral student honors the Outstanding Graduate Student Award, and the School of Nursing Dean's Award. Her specialty is pediatric nursing.

"Returning to UAH feels like being home," she said. As an alumna, Lynch is "fully aware" of the high quality faculty and educational programs at UAH. "For me, the deciding factors to teach here included the number of high caliber students and the tremendous support for faculty and research programs," Lynch said.

"I am so honored to be among such impressive faculty at UAH…I am proud of my university educational experience. I specifically remember participating in UAH's Let's Pretend Hospital as a student. It was a joy to watch area first-graders as they intensely listened and observed nursing students in different hospital scenarios," said Lynch.

"The College of Nursing is very excited to have Dr. Lynch as a member of our faculty. She is a very energetic and hardworking individual whose clinical knowledge and expertise will be put to good use for the benefit of our students," said Dr. Marsha Howell Adams, Dean of the UAH College of Nursing.

Lynch started her teaching career more than 15 years ago at J.F. Drake State Technical College. She also worked as a staff nurse at Decatur General Hospital. "I worked primarily in adolescent mental health, but have worked in other areas of nursing as well."

This fall Lynch will be teaching Mental Health Nursing in the undergraduate program at UAH. "I love teaching because I have a passion to share ideas, communicate concepts, and encourage discussions among students. I also learn from my students, and it is very fulfilling to see their love of nursing and progression in the program."

Her research efforts highlight adolescent psychology and the prevention of chronic diseases in school children. Lynch is finalizing a proposal to conduct a pilot study on blood pressure screenings, determining body mass index and other health-related fitness measures for elementary and middle school children.

Whether her patients are young or old Lynch believes "nursing is a great profession; there are so many changes occurring in the healthcare system, and nurses need to be at the forefront to advocate for patients."


Dr. Thuy Lm Lynch


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