After nearly 30 years of service to UAH, Antonia Morgan retires

Antonia "Toni" Morgan

Antonia "Toni" Morgan, is pictured at a recent UAH "Count Down to Cap and Gown" event. Morgan, who retires on April 1, started the program in fall 2000. The graduation fair was initially called Grad Finale!

Michael Mercier | UAH

Prepping for the Y2K disaster that never happened. UAH diplomas printed on a copier. And, a squirrel family living in the ceiling, leaving special "surprises" on her desk, are all memories Antonia "Toni" Morgan will take with her when she retires next month.

After nearly 30 years of service to The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Morgan will officially leave the university in April.

She began her UAH journey in the fall of 1989, as Director of Student Activities. Morgan learned about the position from an advertisement in the The Huntsville Times newspaper. "I was finishing my master's degree in Public Affairs at UAH. I had received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Kentucky University.

As Director of Student Activities, Morgan worked with the Fraternities and Sororities and all Student Organizations. "When I left Student Activities to work as Judicial Affairs Director, the Fraternities joked that they were sharing me with the rest of the campus! My experience in planning student events allowed me to plan UAH Commencement activities and Student Leadership ceremonies as well."

She currently serves as Student Conduct Director, and is responsible for the investigation and disposition of all student conduct incidents (including academic misconduct) and the coordination of Student Conduct Hearings. Morgan, also facilitates all training for the Student Conduct Board which is composed of faculty, staff and students. Additionally, she is the coordinator for the Student Handbook and plan alcohol, drug and sexual prevention programs for the university.

Morgan has many fond and funny memories of her time at UAH including the Y2K catastrophe that was a no show, and printing diplomas on a copier. "I remember having to attend committee meetings to ensure that the university computers would be back up for the change in the year 2000. The fear was that all of the main computers the university depended on would malfunction. Thankfully, the Y2K crisis never materialized," Morgan said.

There are other memories too, those she keeps close to the heart. "I have been fortunate to know each of the UAH Presidents. I also had the privilege to work with the first Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. B. Jeanne Fisher. I was able to thank Jeanne before her passing and tell her how much I respected and enjoyed working with her," Morgan said. "My best friend was Mary Thompson, who was the first Executive Assistant for the Vice President of Student Affairs…Mary loved the UAH students more than anyone I have ever known."

Morgan said she would like to be remembered as a "a hard worker who loved UAH and treated everyone the way I would want to be treated." She and her husband, David, will relocate to Bowling Green, Ky, where they plan to become active members of the community. And, while Morgan is open and looking forward to new challenges, there are many places to see on her Bucket List.

She will also have more time for her favorite hobbies reading and walking her Shetland Sheepdog. Morgan will become more involved in church activities, volunteering with her sorority Alpha Omicron Pi, and professional organization, Delta Kappa Gamma (Key Women Educators).

As Morgan packs up her belongings and heads for the Bluegrass State, she takes a moment to reflect on the workplace where she has spent nearly 30 years.

"What I will miss most is the outstanding students. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a UAH student or graduate on or off campus being successful. I will also miss the dedicated faculty and fine staff. I have been fortunate to make many friends."

Morgan's husband, David, will also retire from NASA (30 years). The Morgan's son, Allan, is a District Executive for the Boy Scouts of America in Louisville, KY. "Dave and I are so blessed to have both of our parents alive and living in Kentucky. Dave’s sister and her family are in Bowling Green as well and we look forward to attending our nephew and niece’s activities."


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