Valentin “Val” Korman (’99 MS Physics, ’07 PhD Optical Science, Engineering) Recipient: 2019 UAH Alumni of Achievement

Valentin "Val" Korman

Dr. Valentin Korman (’99 MS Physics, ’07 PhD Optical Science, Engineering) Recipient: 2019 UAH Alumni of Achievement Award

Michael Mercier | UAH

Valentin "Val" Korman vividly remembers spending time with his UAH family. "By far, the best parts of my time at the university and beyond involved working directly with faculty and students. Looking back, the learning I received from the coursework and the research experience with faculty was excellent. But my academic advisor, Dr. Don A. Gregory, UAH Distinguished Professor of Physics had a powerful impact."

Korman’s academic studies and research include astrophysics, applied physics, and optical science and engineering.

He recalls, too, the many positive associations with students and colleagues at the university. Through his company, he supports UAH students with cooperative education experiences, internships, and research project offers.

One of seven 2019 UAH Alumni of Achievement recipients Korman said, "Being nominated by my former professors is a great honor. It is also an affirmation of my professional work and the decisions I have made."

During his years in industry Korman has led research and development efforts for instrumentation and sensor development in various challenging environments ranging from cryogenic fluids to high-temperature combustion systems.

Korman is President and a founding member of K Sciences GP LLC. The company focuses on developing and prototyping advanced sensor devices and sensing concepts with a primary focus on technology transfer. The technology firm also conducts industry-wide consulting and project development.

Korman also serves as Vice President of Research leading and conducting research and development activities at Socrates Health Solution Inc. based in Dallas, TX. He was also employed at Dynetics, Inc., supporting the Targets and Countermeasures Program for the Missile Defense Agency in Huntsville.

Korman’s technological inventions have been selected as part of the top 100 Alabama inventions, including: Fiber Optic Liquid Mass Flow Sensor, Optical Hotspot Conductive Fluid Flow Sensor, A Compact Sensor for in-situ Measurements of Gas Leaks, Cryogenic and Non-Cryogenic Optical Liquid Level Instrument for Stratified Conditions, Mass Gauging Demonstrator for Any Gravitational Conditions, Regression and Erosion Measurement System and Method, Simple Sugar Concentration and Sensor and Method, Circuit and Device for Small Photo Currents and Detection of Small Photo Currents.

Korman has authored, edited, and published numerous scientific journal articles. He has been featured on Huntsville Founders, a bi-weekly interview series featuring Huntsville’s business leaders. His community service work includes serving as past president for the Huntsville Electro-Optical Society, Conference Chair for the Chandra S. Vikram Memorial Lecture Series, Program Committee and Session Chair for the SPIE Security and Defense Symposium - Space Sensors Conference, and Session Chair (Advanced Sensors for Propulsion Test Measurements) and conference organizer for the Propulsion Measurement Sensor Development Workshop. Korman is married to UAH alumna Jessica Gaskin (PhD Physics), a research astrophysicist at NASA. Korman and Gaskin are the parents of three sons.


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