The Wellness Space at The UAH Counseling Center opens

Wellness Space

The Wellness Space is located in the UAH Counseling Center in Wilson Hall.

Do you ever feel the need to find a quiet place to re-energize during the work day? Well, now you can at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Wellness Space located at the UAH Counseling Center in Wilson Hall.

The area is located in room 329, and university identification is needed to access the area. The Wellness Space is free to all UAH faculty, staff and students. Activities are set up to be self-facilitated, and amenities include an automated massage chair with adjustable settings, aromatherapy, biofeedback, self-guided meditation, and other mind, body wellness options. Bottled water is the only refreshment allowed, and the area has been designated as a quiet zone, meaning all telephones must be placed on vibrate or silent.

The inclusion of wellness/relaxation areas has rapidly increased in university counseling centers across the nation in recent years. "Many people may not know that counselors provide support, personal growth, and overall wellness services, along with prevention and remediation of more serious mental health concerns," said Dr. Parrish L. Paul, director of the UAH Counseling Center and Disability Support Services. "The Wellness Space also provides support for the UAH campus community, whether campus community members need counseling services currently or not. Furthermore, for those who have never attended counseling and may feel unsure about what it entails, the wellness space may be a way to access the UAH Counseling Center and become more comfortable seeking help if needed," Paul added.

The Wellness Space reserves appointments in one hour time blocks (starting at the top of the hour), but individuals may reserve shorter periods of time. The UAH Counseling Center and the Wellness Space is on the same schedule, so call 256.824.6203 for hours of availability and to schedule an appointment.



Joyce Anderson-Maples