UAH awarded NCAA Choices Grant

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The University of Alabama in Huntsville Department of Athletics in partnership with the Division of Student Affairs, University Housing, and Campus Police was recently awarded the NCAA Choices Grant, which provides funding for alcohol abuse prevention efforts on campuses.

The grant will go towards the Charger Choices project – a program that will encourage personal choices that are legal, healthy and safe for all UAH students.

“Here at UAH, we are committed to promoting an environment where our students are always encouraged to make good choices,” said Director of Athletics Dr. E. J. Brophy. “We are extremely grateful for this grant because it will help us in our efforts to reinforce that commitment even more.”

Teaming up to secure the awarding of the grant to UAH were Director of the UAH Counseling Center Dr. Larry Cantor, Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Brent Wren, Director of Athletics Dr. E. J. Brophy, Director of Athletics Compliance Julie Woltjen, and Director of Judicial Affairs Toni Morgan.

Dr. Cantor will serve as the project director for the Choices project.

The focus of the program will be on first-year students and educating and developing student-athletes as positive role models on campus. Strengthening the relationship between student-athletes and the total campus community will serve as a positive strategy for alcohol prevention efforts and for creating a healthier campus.

The Charger Choices campaign features four main objectives.

  • Develop and implement a social norms poster campaign promoting positive perceptions based on data from AlcoholEdu and NCHA surveys campus-wide.
  • Develop and implement a peer education/mentor program to include student-athlete peer educators as well as other peer educators from other student organizations.
  • Reduce number of campus incidents related to alcohol use.
  • Increase number of alcohol education programs and rate of attendance at alcohol-free social events.

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