UAH offers Massively Open Online Course on chemical engineering


The College of Engineering at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) is pleased to announce the rollout of the second offering of "Chemical Engineering: Review of Enabling Sciences through Problem Solving," a free nine-week online course available to interested participants across the educational spectrum.

"Chemical Engineering" will be taught by Dr. Krishnan Chittur, who serves as a professor in UAH's Chemical & Materials Engineering Department and as the Interim Department Chair. Dr. Chittur has more than 25 years research experience working on problems at the intersection of engineering, medicine, and biology. He has taught a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses at UAH, including Computer Methods for Chemical Engineering, Nature and Properties of Materials, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Chemical Engineering Design, Advanced Topics in Bioengineering, and Introduction to Bioinformatics.

The objective of this online course will be to review essential concepts and ideas from four key enabling sciences that impact chemical engineering education: chemistry, mathematics, physics and biology. By introducing problems that chemical engineers are asked to solve and exploring the reasons why the enabling sciences are required to solve them, participants will gain a better understanding of the underlying disciplines supporting the work in chemical engineering.

Both individuals familiar with chemical and engineering and those interested in learning more about the topic are welcome to attend. Additional details regarding the course outline, information about the professor, and logistics will be provided to each participant upon registration.


Dr. Krishnan Chittur


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