UAH, Huntsville City Schools expand high school student learning experiences


Superintendent of Huntsville City Schools Dr. Casey Wardinski and UAH President Dr. Robert Altenkirch.

Michael Mercier | UAH

Broadening research and academic experiences for high school students is the goal of a new collaboration between The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) and Huntsville City Schools.

Dr. Casey Wardynski, superintendent of Huntsville City Schools, and UAH President Dr. Robert Altenkirch signed a memorandum of agreement today to work collaboratively to support each other's organizational vision, mission and growth objectives.

The school system and the university will work together to foster improved cooperation to facilitate funding opportunities, including working together on grant opportunities that can be of mutual benefit, according to the document.

"There is a considerable amount of intellectual talent in Huntsville schools, and they're destined to make tremendous contributions in the future. We see it as our responsibility to make that happen," said Dr. Altenkirch. "A closer, collaborative working relationship between our campus and Huntsville's schools will make a considerable impact on the development of Huntsville's workforce and quality of life."

Under the agreement, Huntsville City Schools and the university will meet quarterly to discuss projects, create joint engagement opportunities for faculty, staff and students of both organizations, and will participate on committees as appropriate.

UAH has achieved national and international recognition as a leading research university with very strong credentials in science and technology. The university's faculty and staff have recognized the need to prepare their students to enter the work force in dynamic and growing career opportunity areas. UAH programs in space science, cybersecurity, atmospheric sciences, engineering and others are well positioned to support initiatives being implemented by the Huntsville City School system.

The Huntsville City School system is one of the premier school districts in Alabama and is recognized for its progressive curriculum and high quality of instruction. Huntsville schools seek to become the nation's premier educational system in one of the world's most technologically advanced communities and wish to guarantee that every student will graduate with the capacity to compete successfully and contribute responsibly in a global technological society.


Jim Steele