UAH hosts workshop on educating America’s future cyber warriors

mary scott hunter and ray vaughn

Dr. Ray Vaughn, UAH vice president for research and economic development, chats with Mary Scott Hunter, regional representative on the Alabama Board of Education, prior to the start of the workshop.

Michael Mercier | UAH

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) hosted a half-day event on Thursday, July 9, in the UAH Charger Union Theater to help school systems start a cybersecurity program and educate future cyber warriors.

Speakers made presentations on trends in cybersecurity, what it takes to start a cybersecurity program, a school system's experience in establishing a program, training and mentoring, as well as a segment on grants and funding opportunities.

Mary Scott Hunter, the regional representative on the Alabama Board of Education, and Cyber Huntsville were the driving forces behind the workshop.

"In the past we fought our wars on land and sea and in the air," said Hunter. "Tomorrow's battles will also be fought in cyberspace with potentially grave consequences for Americans and our allies. We need to raise up our cyber warriors who will defend us from attack. The career field is wide open, and my hope is that school leaders will see the great need and the potential for our students."

A wide regional audience of school administrators, school board members and teachers were in attendance.



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