UAH College of Business student Hailey Jackson creates successful non-profit "I Love Me More Foundation"

Hailey Jackson

UAH business student Hailey Jackson completes some of the foundation's business duties remotely.

Michael Mercier | UAH

It was Hailey Jackson's "use of action plans" and dedicated work as a volunteer that provided her with the skills and confidence to create the non-profit "I Love Me More Foundation."

Jackson, a junior business management student at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) College of Business said parental advice about the importance of goal setting and action planning helped refine her exceptional professional skills at a very early age.

"I utilized these plans in everything from becoming a cheerleader, to being selected for multiple leadership positions and graduating from high school with my associate degree," Jackson said. "Additionally, I have always loved to volunteer my time to help others and in doing so, I found many opportunities to develop my organizational, marketing and communication skills." She graduated in 2017 with honors from both Culpeper High School, and Germanna Community College with an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree (Culpeper, VA).

Jackson said she was driven to establish the non-profit organization through a project assignment in high school as part of the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) organization. After a lot of soul-searching, Jackson decided on a forum that would educate and give teens and young adults resources to promote the importance of self-worth and self-respect. The original plan for Jackson and her FCCLA partner was to host an assembly for 20-25 girls.

"Imagine our surprise when our principal liked the idea so much that he had all the girls attend. Our first assembly had over 650 people in attendance and the response we got was amazing throughout the entire community. We were so fortunate that local businesses and community organizations supported and encouraged our forum," Jackson said.

The "I Love Me More Foundation," a 501(c)(3), was founded in Culpeper, VA, and partners with local police and domestic abuse shelters to visit different venues, such as schools, churches and specific groups to speak about a range of hidden dangers lurking in today's society. High on the list are social networking sites and apps, the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, sexting, and bullying.

"Our organization also expresses the importance of loving and respecting yourself. We created and trademarked tee-shirts that say "I Like You But… I Love Me More" and we donate the proceeds back to different organizations that help people in the community," Jackson said.

She is trained in assessing victims of domestic violence and helping with various forms of assistance on their behalf. Jackson said a great benefit to organizations such as the "I Love Me More Foundation" is engaging with members of local police departments to build strong community partnerships. For her efforts in working with local law enforcement in Virginia, she was selected as the 2016 Humanitarian of the Year by the Culpeper City Police Department.

Her academic and public service work also includes working as an intern for the House of Delegates to research laws on narcotics and drug addiction in the state of Virginia. Jackson's research aided in drafting a bill that helps people who have been affected by drugs to get the necessary treatment, and spreads awareness of the short and long-term dangers that narcotics can have on lives. Jackson said she chose to attend the UAH College of Business because it has some of the best professors in their field of study. "The university's professors publish in numerous scholarly journals as well as possessing good connections for networking in the community. The reason I chose business management as a major is because I want to gain a better understanding of how business works in its entirety," she said. "I plan to grow my non-profit business and to expand it globally. I believe that I have a general knowledge of marketing. However, I plan to take several marketing courses so I am well rounded."

Jackson said her classes at UAH are going exceptionally well. "I absolutely love my professors and feel that I am learning something new every day. I feel excited and passionate about learning in such a positive environment. I would love the opportunity to work in a business as an intern so that I can develop my skills and knowledge further.

"I believe the classes I am taking at UAH will provide information that will not only help me as a businesswoman, but help my business grow and reach its full potential," she said. "I also look forward to developing relationships through networking opportunities. I feel that I have tremendous potential to offer a business in the North Alabama area."

Jackson has learned how to expand her business by using free marketing tools. "Local newspapers, radio interviews, store front advertising, and social media have been instrumental in the success of the foundation. We have participated in many special community events and made personal appearances to present our forums to help educate and spread our message. Our website is now being localized and will be up and running soon."

She said the secret to running a business and going to school full-time is having a strong support system in place. Jackson depends on her parents and the organization's board of directors. She also recruited and trained several college students to work with the foundation while she is completing her undergraduate degree. Fortunately, Jackson is able to complete some of the foundation's business duties remotely. "We are continually looking for different ways to grow and sustain the business. I am also looking for different avenues here at UAH to spread our message."

Jackson is developing a training program that will give the non-profit the capability of starting different chapters nationwide. "It is important to stick to an agenda so that I can maintain the integrity of my brand and what it represents. Once the training program is developed we will be able to tailor the message depending on the age of our audience."

Her future plans include earning an MBA and using what she learned at UAH to expand her business and help people world-wide.

"My ultimate dream is to grow the "I Love Me More Foundation" globally and have separate chapters worldwide," Jackson said. "I hope to be able to give teens and young people the encouragement and support to stand up for what they believe in, like my friends and family did for me."


Violet Edwards
Coordinator, Marketing & Events