UAH graduates earn highest salary upon graduation among Alabama universities

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (June 13, 2013) - Graduates from The University of Alabama in Huntsville earn the highest average salary upon graduation, according to a new study by The College Database.

According to federal and state data compiled by the organization, UAH students pay just under $9,200 a year in tuition, while UAH graduates enter the workforce with a starting salary of $47,800.

Seventeen schools were listed with UAH at the top, according to the group.

“Students earning a degree from our university are well prepared for their careers and thus have a better chance to experience a high quality of life,” said UAH President Robert Altenkirch. “The job opportunities in the greater Huntsville area, and our close proximity to Redstone Arsenal and Cummings Research Park, offers valuable options for students who want to advance their education and careers.”

As a result, the university also heads up an elite group of colleges and universities known as the Alabama 20-30 Club, whose members charge less than $20,000 for tuition but whose graduates earn an entry-level salary of more than $30,000.

While UAH has earned its fair share of accolades over the years, this most recent ranking comes at a critical time, offering students - and their parents - much needed reassurance that an affordable education can result in a secure, well-paying job, according to College Database officials.

"With the cost of college a concern for many families, it's important for students to find a school that produces successful, well-paid graduates," said Matt Davis of The College Database. "Therefore, it's equally important to recognize the colleges and universities that offer both quality and affordable post-secondary options."

The College Database at  is a free, non-commercial website dedicated to providing current and future post-secondary students and their families with accurate information based on data from the federal government and the Carnegie Foundation.

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