The IRB falls under the purview of the Office of Research. Our policies and procedures have been cleared by the Office of Counsel. Our Federalwide Assurance number is FWA00019998.

IRB Committee

Ann Bianchi, Chair College of Nursing
Milton Shen College of Business
Eric Seemann College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Joe Ng College of Science
Jennifer Bruzek, Vice Chair College of Education
Sampson Gholston College of Engineering
Jennifer Bail College of Nursing
Patricia Miller (as Needed) OB/GYN practice
Vasuda B. Kroelinger Inquiring Minds-Behavioral and Developmental Services
Gloria Greene, Ex-Officio Office of Sponsored Program


Please direct any inquiries concerning the IRB to Dr. Ann Bianchi, IRB Chair, at or 256.824.2465.