As a student in the UAH ILC, you have access to facilities and activities on campus.

UAH offers facilities to support social and physical as well as academic pursuits. From a state-of-the-art fitness center to a research library and computer labs providing access to essential online resources, UAH is a place where not only your mind but your body and spirit can grow.


UAH's library provides both online and on-ground resources to support undergraduate and graduate level study in a wide variety of fields including the sciences, engineering, arts, humanities, and social sciences, business and nursing. To see more about the services and resources available, visit UAH Library.

Clubs and Organizations

Clubs at UAH include academic, honorary, service and religious organizations. For more information on these social and service-oriented groups, as well as information on the Greek system and Student Government Association, visit the Campus Life pages and the Student Organizations listing.

Sports and Fitness

UAH has a state-of-the-art fitness center. For more information on the facility, equipment and classes, visit University Fitness Center.

Several intramural sports are active on campus. For more information on team and individual sports, visit UAH Intramurals.


UAH has several teams participating in sports at the collegiate level. For an overview of the sports system as well as event calendars, visit UAH Athletics.