Be sure to arrange housing as soon as you receive your letter of admission to the ILC.

On-Campus Housing

A variety of housing options are available at UAH. On-campus housing includes 12-month as well as 9-month contracts. All Housing rates include basic utilities and basic television cable for each suite, telephone with local service, email and internet access in each bedroom. For more information about housing costs and options, visit UAH Housing.

Meal Plans

There are several meal plans available on the UAH campus. However, ILC students, like first-year students, are required to select Option 1 or Option 2. For more information and explanations of meal options, visit UAH Dining Services.

Off-Campus Housing

A variety of off-campus housing options are available as well. However, if you choose to use off-campus housing, you will need to arrange your housing. We strongly recommend selecting on-campus housing for your first semester at UAH. This allows you to get acclimated to the university and its surroundings. You might then choose to move off-campus to an apartment or house nearby. However, the costs associated with living off-campus are not standardized and can range from $250+, not including utilities, phone, tv, etc.


If you plan to live in on-campus housing and would like assistance with the arrangements, contact the director of the ILC at