Welcome to Intersections – Mission to InnovateTM a podcast with Dr. Kuan Collins and Prachi Sukhatankar is here at Spark Studio!

Organizations are facing rapidly changing priorities and challenges, including the global pandemic, economic disruption, commercial space operations, civil unrest, and a bewildering tsunami of new technologies and tools. Increasing expectations from consumers to deliver services at speed and a high-quality user experience demand digital transformation that is accelerated by a culture of innovation and collaboration. The "Together is better" mindset is required across all technology and business domains to create a seamless and connected innovation ecosystem that drives agility, adaptability, trust, and transparency. It is critical for all organizations to understand and achieve high-quality collaboration and ultimately a culture of innovation.

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This podcast is created and copyrighted under Samaya Studio. At Samaya Studio, Kuan and Prachi’s vision is to bring multi-dimensional thinking, acceleration and inspiration to the innovation ecosystem to accomplish practices towards human and societal wellbeing. For more details, visit samaya.studio.

episode 11

Interview Series // Strategy and innovation // Episode 11

Featuring Tony Moraco

Prachi and Kuan are back with part 2 of the interview series which highlights strategy and innovation with our extraordinary guest, Tony Moraco. The conversation starts to wrap itself up and Prachi, Kuan, and Tony share their final thoughts.


episode 10

Interview Series // Strategy and innovation // Episode 10

Featuring Tony Moraco

This episode of the interview series will highlight strategy and innovation with our extraordinary guest, Tony Moraco. The conversation got so deep, that we had to make it into a 2 part episode!


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Interview Series // Mindfulness // Episode 9

Featuring Cristina Lynn

Cristina Lynn is a mindfulness expert and she has her own yoga and wellness practice. In this interview episode, Cristina shares her journey, what motivated her to get into this field, and what mindfulness means. She further elaborates the intersection of mindfulness and culture of innovation, and provides tips and techniques for being mindful at work.


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Interview Series // Technologies // Episode 8

Featuring Cliff Cantrell and Luc Manigot

In this interview podcast, Cliff Cantrell and Luc Manigot talk about how an intelligent search platform can be utilized to promote a culture of innovation, their experiences in helping customers on their journey of digital transformation and barriers to technology adoption. They do so in the context of Sinequa, and Intelligent Enterprise Search platform. 



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Interview Series // Technologies // Episode 7

Featuring Keenan Johnson

Keenan Johnson’s work has spanned across engineering, policy, startups and more recently launching a ClimateTech nonprofit. In this interview podcast, Keenan shares his journey and his views on collaboration, technologies, culture of innovation and many amazing ideas around the startup he has launched.

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Interview Series // Strategy & Innovation // Episode 6

Featuring Dr. Robert Bornhofen

In this interview podcast, Dr. Robert Bornhofen, a leading strategist and innovator, shares his thoughts on a culture of innovation, technologies he is working on and the barriers he sees to innovate within these technological spaces.

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Foundation Series // Episode 5

Top Barriers to Innovation

Kuan and Priachi are joined by two guests, Natalie Foley and Kevin Landtroop, to discuss top barriers to innovation. Listen to this thought-provoking ‘retrospective’ that applies different lenses to uncover what is not working and what needs to be streamlined within the innovation ecosystem.

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Foundation Series // Episode 4

Top 5 Intersections of Year 2022 and beyond

Kuan and Prachi kick off the new year with the social, economic, and technological trends that are emerging and some fascinating intersections between them.

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Foundation Series // Episode 3

Culture of Innovation and Mindfulness

Kuan and Prachi discuss the intersection between Culture of Innovation and Mindfulness including some practical and actionable ways to bring mindfulness to work.

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Foundation Series // Episode 2

Intra-organizational Collaboration

Kuan and Prachi focus on Intra-organizational collaboration, examples, and ideas for the workforce, personal experiences, and advice for young professionals.

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Foundation Series // Episode 1

Inter-organizational Collaboration

Kuan and Prachi discuss inter-organizational collaboration, how it is foundational for sustainable growth, and their real-world experiences and stories.

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