Welcome to Intersections – Mission to InnovateTM a podcast with Dr. Kuan Collins and Prachi Sukhatankar is here at Spark Studio!

Organizations are facing rapidly changing priorities and challenges, including the global pandemic, economic disruption, commercial space operations, civil unrest, and a bewildering tsunami of new technologies and tools. Increasing expectations from consumers to deliver services at speed and a high-quality user experience demand digital transformation that is accelerated by a culture of innovation and collaboration. The "Together is better" mindset is required across all technology and business domains to create a seamless and connected innovation ecosystem that drives agility, adaptability, trust, and transparency. It is critical for all organizations to understand and achieve high-quality collaboration and ultimately a culture of innovation.

In this podcast series, Prachi and Kuan will discuss inter and intra- collaboration structures that are foundational for this kind of sustainable growth, and also share their real-world experiences. Some examples of these structures are innovation accelerators, centers of excellence, strategic partnerships, trends in the democratization of technology (citizen development), and more.

Intersections – Mission to InnovateTM a podcast with Dr. Kuan Collins Featuring: Kuan & Prachi

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Intersections – Mission to Innovate Episode 2 Featuring: Kuan & Prachi

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