Emotional Runway - An Entrepreneurs Guide to Mental Health. Produced by Matt Sloane (Founder, Sky Fire Drones) and Krista Moulton (Founder, MindSpark), Emotional Runway features first hand experiences on the hard truths of being an entrepreneur and delves into the psychological price of building a company.

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Episode 1

Who are we and why should you care?

Entrepreneurship is a battle that is hard fought - often lonely and lost at times. Episode one focuses on explaining the purpose of this mental health series, who our hosts are, and why this is important.



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Episode 2

Mental Health Spectrum for Founders with Guest Rigved Joshi

In this episode of Emotional Runway, Matt and Krista sit down with our very own director, Rigved Joshi. Rigved introduces MindSpark and the inspiration behind creating a resource to support mental health for entrepreneurs.



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Episode 3

The F Word (Failure) with guest Divya Thakur

In this episode of Emotional Runway, Matt and Krista talk about failure! It's what we're all afraid of... How can you get comfortable with - and use - the fear of failure, and even failure itself to get better? Joining is special guest Divya Thakur, founder of YardBot who tells us how his early failures helped drive him forward, and about some great tools he gained from his life coach.



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Episode 4

Work-life Balance with Guest David Stidger

Work life balance is hard for everyone, but when the buck stops with you, it can be hard to turn off! Krista and Matt discuss how to achieve some semblance of work/life balance, and talk to special Guest David Stidger, founder of Open Door about his work with people on the spectrum and his own mental health as a founder.



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Episode 5

Mom-trepreneurship with Guest Dana Thompson

Being a mom is a full-time job in and of itself, so add being an entrepreneur on top of that, and you've got your hands full! We talk about the challenges involved in being a "mom-trepreneur" and talk to our special guest Dana Thompson, founder of Everything on the Spectrum.



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Episode 6

Resilience and reinvention with guest Roni Selig

The world of business is unpredictable and scary, so having the ability to be resilient through the tough times and always be reinventing yourself is key. Our special guest - award-winning TV producer and executive Roni Selig has reinvented herself more times than most, and despite road bumps like layoffs, marriage difficulties and personal loss, she's come out swinging!



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Episode 7

Spirituality and burnout with guest Dr. Lida Fatemi

Imagine spending 8 years in medical education, becoming a physician in a field you love, and then getting completely burned out to the point of wanting to quit. It's not an uncommon story in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But our special guest Dr. Lida Fatemi, found a way to turn those feelings of burnout into something very special, mentoring and coaching other physicians who were experiencing the same thing. Dr. Fatemi founded conciousphysician.com and joins us to share her journey.



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Episode 8

What is Emotional Runway with guest Suneel Gupta

It's the name of this podcast, but what actually is "emotional runway" as a concept? We talk to the guy who coined the phrase - Suneel Gupta, founder of healthcare startup Rise, and author of the book Backable: The Surprising Truth Behind What Makes People Take a Chance on You.



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Episode 9

The Power of Community with guest Randy Sullivan

Building a community around what you're doing - whether it's religion, disc golf, drinking bourbon or anything else, is critical to happiness and success. It's no different for entrepreneurs. Our special guest Randy Sullivan, founder of the Bourbon Real Talk Podcast, its online community, and co-founder of The Prideful Goat brand of whiskey talks about how a tragedy in his life lead to amazing community, and how he as an entrepreneur gets up and does the work every day.



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Episode 10

Self-Compassion with guest Jake Rothschild

When we take on the role of entrepreneur, CEO or Founder, we're often taking on the identity of the company and conflating it with our own self-worth. This episode is all about giving yourself some grace, being compassionate with yourself, and taking what YOU need to be happy and whole. Because after all, if you're not whole, your business can't be either! Special thanks to our guest, Jake Rothschild, founder of some of the most delicious ice cream in all the land - Jake's Ice Cream!



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Episode 11

The Gut-Brain Connection with guest Jennifer Strother

Entrepreneurs share many of the same personality traits - great ones like determination & grit; and some not-so-great ones like ADD and depression or anxiety. So knowing that, is there something we can focus on to help with those less desirable traits and improve both our physical and mental health? As it turns out, the answer might be a resounding YES! This week, we're joined by Jennifer Strother, a certified functional nutrition specialist, who talks all about mental and physical wellness, and how they're so intertwined.



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Episode 12

Psychedelics, Gut Bacteria, Anti-Depressants and More with guest Dr. Charles Raison

In one of our most interesting episodes yet, we get the chance to talk to Dr. Charles Raison, a human ecology and psychiatry professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison and Emory University. From working with Buddhist monks (including the Dalai Lama) to research on gut bacteria's effects on mental health and the healing properties of psychedelics, Dr. Raison has some incredibly interesting insights to share.