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Episode 13


In this episode of Community Chats, Gracie sits down with Reginald "Reggie" Alexander, a manager at @nasamarshall. Reggie discusses the opportunities that led him to work for NASA, the amazing projects he has been able to be a part of, career advice for both engineers and people starting their careers, and so much more. You do not want to miss the spectacular episode! 



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Episode 12


This episode focuses on 4 girls from Columbia that are part of the Entrepreneurship Exchange Program. You will hear about their journey, the power of entrepreneurship, and so much more! You do not want to miss this! 



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Episode 11


Gracie is back in the studio with another episode of Community Chats! Anna Struzenberg is our special guest on this episode! This podcast cover FIRST, how to join, the benefits of joining, and much much more!! 



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Episode 10

Nerdettes - World

In this episode of Community Chats, Gracie discusses World with the Nerdettes. The girls cover their whole trip from start to finish. You do not want to miss this episode!


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Episode 9

Ryan Braden

Ryan Braden @ Video Game Design Club and a former graduate of UAH covers the ins and outs of video game design and the arts program at UAH.

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Episode 8

bee Winners

Gracie talks to Brennen and Sara the 2021 winners of the Be Entrepreneurial winners. The girls break down their winning idea, Tackl.

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Episode 7

Dr. Charles Karr, Interim President, UAH

Juliana and Gracie along with Dr. Karr discuss where he came from, his personal goals, goals for The University of Alabama in Huntsville, career advice, and more!

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Episode 6

Nick Knighten

Nick Knighten highlights his internship at Accenture and how it turned into an amazing full-time job.

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Episode 5

The Nerdettes

Gracie sits down with Emily and Hailey, from the Nerdettes - an all-girls high school robotics team. The I2C is proud to be the team's home base and a part of their journey. The girls tell us the in and outs of robotics, the challenges they faced, and much more!

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Episode 4

Juliana Denes

Juliana Denes, our ROCKSTAR student intern, discusses what it means to be a student immersed in the I2C environment, and shares advice that she has learned while here!

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Episode 3

Erin Koshut

Erin Koshut, Executive Director of Cummings Research Park (CRP) talks about the history of CRP and all the unique challenges that come along with managing such a large project.

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Episode 2

Matt Massey

Matt Massey, President of the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering (ASCTE) talks about this incredibly exciting project to educate young minds and prepare them for careers in the tech-oriented world that we live in.

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Episode 1

2021 BOOST Idea Competition Winners

Our first episode of Community Chats is here! We sat down with our BOOST 2021 Champs to get more insight into their idea and how they prepped for the BOOST idea competition.

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