I²C’s Internship in Technology (InTech) program provides students an opportunity to work directly with CEOs, Co-founders and super smart teammates on real-world projects. The program is geared for students who are excited, engaged and curious to know more about our startup ecosystem and explore a career in entrepreneurship.

We believe that a startup internship can profoundly impact a student’s professional future, as well as give growing companies a huge boost in talent and capacity. The InTeach program is a great way for students to bridge the gap and gain a more in-depth understanding of and appreciation for the many facets of a startup organization and experience the exciting, stressful, and immensely rewarding life as a startup company employee. Meet entrepreneurs who’ve built their companies from the ground up, and start building your professional network in the greater HSV startup scene.

InTech is open to students from all disciplines and internships are available in multiple areas including computer programming / software development, marketing, sales, graphic design, data science / statistics, communications / PR and general business. Please be sure to check with UAH career services for any additional academic requirements / approvals you may need to qualify.


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